«I practically dedicate myself to twist all the

things that appear»

Bien Torcido

(Painter, tattoo artist and graphic designer)

On this occasion we had the opportunity to be in Monterrey to visit the painter and tattoo artist Bien Torcido, who lets you in to his surreal world, without the need to use mushrooms or a little bit of acid but through his paintings that cover the walls of his mousetrap.









The mousetrap of the Bien Torcido or as he humbly calls it “Studio” is the closest thing to a museum where everything bizarre and surreal comes true, finding in this place the beatiful and dreamed “Cocainland” being various illustrations of childhood cartoons, which After making a gem of programs on Saturday mornings, they became addicted to crack, with Bien Torcido being the one who allows them to reside in their mousetrap.

The Bien Torcido through his artistic journey he has always sought to open his head and put his twisted and brilliant ideas on the table, demonstrating the twisted and fun part of life, having such a cool impact that many of the folks usually seek to tattoo illustrations or on the art that he has made, in such a way that everyone can have a twisted touch in their ordinary life.

This underworld artist takes inspiration from many illustrators and artists such as Michael John Kricfaulsi (Creator of Ren and Stimpy), but no one could be more twisted than our beloved mouse from Chernobyl, not only giving us his strange and funny way of seeing the society and life, but also being a fucking terrific human being, which can inspire more artists to be twisted and make their nightmares come true no matter how smokey they sound, thus being the flame or the color of the ink and the urban on our world.


“In my life, I have never liked to go with the flow, I have never been the one to follow the mass of people, I always look for my way to separate myself, I always look to give things a twist and from there I started to twist it”

Press here if you want to watch interview we made to this artist and remember to activate the subtitles on english and also press here to follow him on his twisted social media.